What Ted & Kathy Said

One of the biggest joys I receive in this business is hearing back from my clients.

Ted & Kathy bought land from me in Klamath County, Oregon. They have been looking forward to retiring for quite a while and have been dreaming of owning land for years and years. They bought a beautiful wooded lot with some nice views.

Discover what Ted & Kathy said. A transcription is right below the video.

Good Morning, Ted & Kathy here! We just purchased this wonderful piece of property from Dave. Everything is exactly as advertised.

And now we are going to go for a walk and we’re going to show you what we found.

Here’s a video from the property that we bought from Dave…

It’s what we found on our 34th wedding anniversary at the top. Dave has been wonderful. Any problems we had (which we had none), but we did have a couple of questions and they were answered promptly within the hour with a text.

And to this day I bought this property six months ago and to this day I can still text the man. I highly recommend using him to buy your piece of dream, your little slice of heaven.

Big thank you to Ted & Kathy for their kind words!!

If you are looking for someone that will help your family get your first property and be the most transparent and honest experience like Ted & Kathy had, feel free to give me a ring at 775-234-2058