Ep. 16 From the Courtroom to the Farm

In episode 16 of Land Stories… Dave is joined by lawyer turned farmer, Lauren Manning. In addition to running her own farm, Lauren writes for a variety of publications like… Read more »

HOA: Does this benefit me?

 In Episode 11 of Land Stories… Dave shares his take on HOAs (Home Owner’s Association). What is an HOA? Do I want my property to have this? What are… Read more »

Episode 10

If you’ve been listening to Land Stories, you know how Dave LOVES his dad jokes! He also loves educating others by sharing valuable information that he has learned with YOU!… Read more »

Episode 9

In this episode of Land Stories, Kristy joins us again to share how her mother’s dream of owning a farm led to her OWN desire to purchase land! See how… Read more »

Episode 8

Have you ever lost a job? Or fell onto hard times? When life happens, it can sometimes be difficult to find empathy from businesses or companies that you may owe…. Read more »

Episode 7

Is this a SCAM?!🤔 Is this a question that YOU ask when you see an ad for land promising a great price and superior financing options? Well, it’s a legitimate… Read more »

Episode 6

Buying land is more than just agreeing to an offer and signing a contract🖊. There are some important steps to be taken BEFORE, you ever sign on that dotted line!… Read more »

Episode 5

Have you ever been horseback riding?🐴 What do you do if your horse suddenly decides to stop and have a meal, or take a dip in the water trough…with YOU… Read more »

Episode 4

Imagine owning property that wasn’t suitable for running water🌊? Generation Family Properties’ Writer Extraordinaire Mia Nance, almost encountered this very issue when she decided to build on the land she… Read more »

Episode 3

Do you want to buy land but don’t necessarily have the upfront CASH 💵? No worries! In this episode of Land Stories Dave explains the ins and outs of financing… Read more »

Episode 2

Meet Kristy Limon 👩! Generation Family Properties’ Ad Writer Extraordinaire joins Dave in episode 2 of Land Stories to talk LAND! Listen to Kristy share why writing blogs for genfamproperties.com… Read more »

Episode 1

In this episode of Land Stories your host, Dave Denniston, shares how his parent’s real estate business, his youngest daughter’s premature birth, and a passion for helping others, led to… Read more »