Top 3 Things to do in Park County Colorado

Park County Colorado is an amazing place to spend all 4 seasons!  If you love the outdoors this is a cannot miss place. Located in the center of Colorado, it has a rich history in native culture and mining.  Gold, Silver, Lead and Zinc were all abundant here. Park County is where the infamous South Park cartoon is set!

16,206 people call Park County CO home, and they have so many things to enjoy.  Eleven Mile and Spinney Mountain State Parks are both located here, as well as Antero & Tarryall Reservoirs, which are amazing fishing spots.  South Platte River is another world class fishing place.

If you like mountains, there are plenty here!  Mt. Lincoln, Mt Democrat, and Hoosier Pass are just a few.  

But…. I have saved my favorite 3 hot spots in Park County for last.  WIthout further ado…. Here are the MUST SEES when you’re here:

  1. Pike National Forest – Located in the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies, Pike National Forest encompasses over 1 Million acres of Colorado Wilderness.  You will be treated to amazing views, well marked and maintained trails through the forest, and several creeks and lakes. Lumber Grove Trail is a favorite and once you start out for your hike you’ll know why!  Full of the sounds of the forest and its critters, you will have an absolute blast making your way through the area. Campgrounds and RV parks are also available in case you want to spend a few days here.
  2. Montgomery Reservoir – One word…. WATERFALL!  Just a short, easy hike from the road, the reservoir and its waterfall are stunning.   Bring your fishing rods, because there is great trout fishing at the dam! And it’s just a short walk to a real life abandoned gold mine!   Uou can explore, Magnolia Mill and get a real feel for the history of the gold miners and the town that used to be there before the reservoir was created.

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