Is This a Scam????

I thought maybe this would be a good chance to help talk you through a question I hear A TON on Facebook and Craigslist…


Apparently, many folks can’t seem to wrap their arms around our prices and our financing. They think it sounds too good to be true.

And they SHOULD be skeptical. I would be too!!!!

And unfortunately, there’s a lot of scammers and people that take advantage of others online.

So, let me walk you through how you can verify that I’m not a scam and that the properties that we have are legit.

First, I’d recommending checking out the company on the Better Business Bureau.

You can see on the BBB a few things:

1) How long the company has been around (since 10/2017)— we’re kinda new and starting to crawl now, but after 80+ transactions, I’d say we’re doing a few things right. Being scrappy and serving others is what it’s all about =-)
2) Who owns the company—- muah, the dude writing this e-mail
3)  verifying our website/ address/ phone #— check, check and check!

Now, let’s say you’ve acknowledged that we’re a legit company—- what about the property??

How could you figure out whether or not we actually own what we say we own??

Let’s check out a recent listing on our website. (Hint: It may be sold by the time you read this)

This property is in Costilla County. I’m claiming that it’s 5 acres and has no homeowner’s association and great mountain views.

I’m also ALL the way in Minnesota. Why would a guy from Minnesota buy land ALLLLLLL the long ways away in Colorado?

Simple– it’s a great value and there’s lots of it!!

Anywho— how to tell that I actually own the property….

Step 1)  Contact the County Recorder

In this case, this is Costilla County. You can snag the recorder’s info by clicking on the link here.

I suggest giving them a phone call.

They will ask for the name of the owner.

Most of the time, I record the deeds in the name of Generation Family Properties, LLC. Sometimes though, I do record them in my name or my wife’s name. So, best to ask me before hand.

Second, be prepared with the APN or parcel #. (APN stands for assessor parcel number)

I always list the APN towards the bottom of my website listings. Here’s a screenshot from this listing with it circled:


In case you have a hard time reading that, it’s 70401540.

Bada bing, bada boom— ownership verified!

Now—- I will warn you— the reason I say PHONE CALL is because most counties’ online records take MONTHS to update

Here at genfamproperties, we buy and sell properties really quickly- at the longest 2 to 3 months hold-time, sometimes only a couple of weeks.

So, make sure to CALL.

Step 2) Get A Copy of the Deed

So, let’s still say that you’re skeptical— you could ask the recorder or me for a copy of the deed.

This way you can see with your own eyes who the previous owner was and the new owner and verify dates and all that kind of thing.

You could even dig further and figure out the whole “chain of title” by researching who bought the property before that and before that and before that.

I do that kind of research so that you don’t have to— but if you want to— knock yourself out!

I challenge you to call the county recorder and verify my ownership. =-)