3 Fishing Spots near Saguache County That You CANNOT Miss!

Saguache County is a Place to Relax and Enjoy Nature!

Endless miles of exciting streams and lakes await fishermen in Saguache County. Many are easily accessed from the road while others are in remote secluded areas, the choice is yours, and anywhere you go will be amazing!

Numerous scenic small lakes above 10,000 feet in elevation provide excellent fishing for cutthroat, rainbow and brook trout. Trout in these pristine waters can be temperamental when feeding conditions are favorable. Most lakes require uphill hiking from 1-12 miles, so it’s also the perfect area for avid hikers and outdoorsmen.

When you are planning a visit here, check out these 3 not to miss spots:

Rio Grande National Forest – Big Meadows Reservoir

View of Big Meadows Reservoir

Rio Grande National Forest is a 1.86 million-acre U.S. National Forest with tons of fun for everyone. The forest encompasses the San Luis Valley, which is the world’s largest agricultural alpine valley, as well as one of the world’s largest high deserts located around mountains. If you’re looking for an easy-to-access, trout-packed stream for your next fly fishing destination, consider a visit to the trail waters of Big Meadows Reservoir in the Rio Grande National Forest.

Located 8 miles west of the town of South Fork, the South Fork of the Rio Grande begins at the tailwaters Big Meadows Reservoir and flows for several miles until its confluence with the Rio Grande in the town of South Fork. Along the way, freestone stream flows past rocky cliffs, lush meadows, striking aspen stands and towering spruce/fir forests. Several sections pass through public lands on the National Forest, but to get your fill of 12 inch-plus sized trout, set your sights on the section between the Highway 160 turn-off and the dam at Big Meadows.

Crestone Lake

North Crestone Lake…. WOW!

This picturesque lake is surrounded by Mount Adams and has some of the most beautiful views you will ever see!  The water here is so clear that you can see the fish the fish swimming by the boat! Flies and small lures fished with light lines in the morning and evening is usually best. Fly-fishing is best June through July when stonefly and mayfly hatches dominate fish diets.  There are countless small streams and pools around this area as well, so make sure to take a hike around the area to scout out some great trout locations!


Saguache Creek

Just one of the Forks of the Saguache Creek

All three forks of Saguache Creek are excellent and Middle, La Garita and Carnero Creeks are good as well. The northwest corner of Saguache County runs along Hwy 50 to the town of Sargents, which is a jumping off point to access many excellent trout streams. Brookies, browns, and cutthroats lurk in these clear waters, hiding beneath undercut banks ready to take the bait or jump to your fly.  This is another great area to explore and find you very own private fishing spot. There are hidden areas all around!


Colorado’s excellent fishing opportunities are made even better by the efforts of the Colorado Division of Wildlife’s 19 hatcheries. The Division of Wildlife stocks 3.5 million 10-inch fish every year. You can fish in Colorado without a license only on the first full weekend of June each year, though all other rules and regulations apply. Always respect private land and ask first before entering. Check with the Colorado Division of Wildlife for regular fishing seasons and current maps of the area, please visit www.wildlife.state.co.us

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