Our 3 Guarantees (Hint: Includes getting some money back!)

Many folks ask me—- what if I purchase a property…. but then I change my mind?

What if I don’t want the land? What if my circumstances change? Maybe I lose my job or we have a ton of medical bills? What happens to the land and all the money we’ve paid into it?

Well my friend, that’s why we’ve set up a 90 day money back guarantee, a lifetime credit guarantee, and a swapping policy guarantee. In this blog post, we’ll address each of them.

Guarantee# 1: Our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our land comes with a 100% Satisfaction, 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.


Simply, I believe that you should treat others the way that you want to be treated. Circumstances can change for folks in a hurry. Maybe they didn’t read over the details. Maybe they got in a bad car accident. Maybe they lost their job.

That’s why you may cancel your purchase at any time.

Here’s how it works: Any cancellations made before 90 days, have principal and interest refundable, but not pro-rated property taxes/homeowner’s dues/ document fees/ or other fees collected. After all, we still have to pay the bills for the property!

A new document fee will be required for each new purchase. Please contact me at contact@genfamproperties.com with any questions.

Simply put—— >>>> If you are not satisfied that the land you purchased is all that we said it was, we will refund your money.

Guarantee# 2: A Lifetime Credit Guarantee

So, let’s say that you are passed the 90 days and life happens….. what now????

Maybe you’ve made 6 months worth of payments or even a year or two of payments. While we don’t refund your money, what we do have is a lifetime credit guarantee.

So, let’s say that you willingly default on our contract— you’ve given the property back to me because the monthly payments aren’t working for you for whatever reasons.

Basically it’s this—- any cancellations made after 90 days of service will not qualify for a refund, but you can apply the principal and interest paid to another property now or in the future.

That’s why buying from us is no risk to you!

What that means is that when life turns around for you, you’ll have a downpayment of credits all ready to go to apply to the next property!

Who knows— you might even be able to buy a property outright!?!

Guarantee# 3: Swapping Policy Guarantee

Our final guarantee is that we want you to be happy with your property!

If for some reason, you aren’t happy with your property and you want to swap to another one….

We will allow you a ONE TIME swap to a property of your choice. We’ll tear up the old contract like this guy…

NO additional document fees

NO pre-payment penalties.

NO funny business!

If the property has a higher price and a higher monthly payment, let’s chat about it and see what we can work out that’s a good fit for your budget.

I’m a reasonable guy and I want to help you.


Final Thoughts

I don’t want anything holding you back from purchasing your property. That’s why we’ve set up a 90 day money back guarantee, a lifetime credit guarantee, and a swapping policy guarantee. So there’s no risk and it’s as easy of a transaction as you’ll ever find.

I believe that anyone can afford at least one of our properties. That’s why we have low downpayments and low monthly payments. We want you to be a landowner and pass on your property to your kids and your kids’ kids.

Are you ready to take the leap?

Check out our available properties here.


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