The Pros & Cons of RV Living Year Round

Many people ask us if any of our properties allow RVs. 

For the most part, people are looking to bring their RV to camp and spend a bit of time alone or with family. Others, however, are interested in living in their RV year round.

Some areas we purchase property in do allow this while others don’t. 

But if they do, are you certain that living in an RV is the way for you? 

Obviously RV living is very different from living in sticks and bricks. It’s one thing to go camp in one, an entirely different thing to live in one. 

So consider a few pros and cons to living in your RV, whether that be year round or for extended periods of time. It’s always good to have a few thoughts to consider!


Nature Will Call

Because RVs tend to be cramped, especially comparing them to a stick build home, you’re unlikely to want to be stuck inside it all day.

This means you are likely to get out and really experience nature. RV living leaves a lot of room to really enjoy nature, find outdoor activities to enjoy, and get moving.

Because you don’t have the space for all the material items, that can push you out to have fun in other ways outdoors, rather than staying cooped up indoors all day.

Minimalist Lifestyle

This can definitely be a plus. As I mentioned previously, because there is less room, a lot of the material items won’t get to come along. 

You don’t want your RV to be overrun with stuff so much you can’t even get around comfortably! 

Limiting the material items can often give a feeling of freedom from all the things you thought you just had to have and help you to realize the things you cherish most!

Plus, it may help you spend less when out and about because you know you don’t have the space.

It can help you cut back to the basics rather than be overrun by things!


It’s clear that having an RV would cost much less than purchasing a stick built home or building one.

With less space to hear/cool for example, you would definitely save on those utilities! 

Although you will definitely need repairs on your RV at times, the expense will most likely not be as great as issues that can arise from a conventional home such as a new roof, plumbing issues, flooding, etc. Not to say those issues cannot occur, just that the expense likely would not be as immensely expensive!


Not  a Lot of Space/Privacy

Although this same topic was considered a pro previously, it can also be considered a con. The lack of space can be an issue for some. Your spouse’s super close proximity constantly may start to be a real nuisance.

The lack of real privacy, say, when using the restroom or when you just need a moment, are both issues that come when living in a smaller space.


Did you know that mold and mildew grow very easily in RVs? That is because they often lack sufficient ventilation, primarily in areas you can’t even see. 

Trying to keep those areas clean and dry can be a pain, even if you can reach them.

Climate Control

It is often very difficult to manage the temperature in an RV versus a conventional home. RVs are not as insulated and it’s likely that the temperature outside will, for the most part, drastically determine the temperature inside. 

So if it’s freezing outside, chances are, no matter what you do, it’s going to be freezing inside. If you are not partial to being overly warm or cold, that could turn out to be a very great issue when or if temperatures get extreme!

Final Thoughts

There are pros and cons to every choice we make. RV living is no different. There are more pros and cons of course than are listed here and you should look into what those are. 

The main thing to ask is what can you stand? What are aspects of this type of living you can deal with, and are there any that will just absolutely not work for you? If there are, find out if there are ways to fix those and go from there!

If RV living is something you always wanted to do, something you’d like to do to save some money, or something you need to do for other reasons, give it some serious thought and make sure it will work for you for the time you need it to!