The Beginners Guide to Fishing in Klamath County

Klamath County Oregon has some of the state’s best fishing, thanks to the fact that it’s home to the upper basins of two rich river systems, the Deschutes and Klamath. Anglers love the area because it produces trout of several species in trophy-worthy sizes. Because of this, some of its lakes and streams rank right up there among the best in the entire country!  These waters have been featured numerous times in fishing and fly fishing magazines and books. Once you come spend some time here you’ll know why!

Whether you tie a fly, use a favorite lure, or hook on worms and salmon eggs, fishing in Klamath County will blow your mind. Freshwater streams and lakes in and around Klamath Falls offer a huge range of experiences and fish such as rainbow, brook, brown trout, bass, crappie, kokanee, mackinaw, and many other types of fish.

Here are some not to miss spots to try when you are in the area:


When you fish in this beautiful lake, it is not unusual to hook a 10, 12, or even 20 lb. trout.  That’s no joke! Upper Klamath Lake produces a sturdy, natural fish population due to the temperature swings from summer to harsh winters, high alkalinity, and huge algae blooms.

This lake is best known for having some of the largest native redband rainbow trout in the world, occasionally topping a whopping 20 pounds!  Can you imagine that on the end of your line? All types of fishing work well here, but definitely take note of the one-trout limit to protect this unique fishery and even consider releasing all of them! There also are bullhead catfish and yellow perch in the lake, particularly at the north end of Agency Lake near Chiloquin. Eat all those that you want. They are fantastic cooked over the campfire after a fun fill day on the lake!!


This 1,100 acre lake has excellent fishing, scenery, and recreation! It’s the perfect spot to spend time alone relaxing or bring family and friends to make it an adventure for all. This prolific lake is best known for the incredible bounty of fish that thrive in its waters. You’ll easily find Rainbow, Brown and Eastern Brook Trout, Yellow Perch, Kokanee (Salmon), Largemouth Bass, Catfish and Crawdads. There are a few protected Bull Trout in the lake, which you must release unharmed if caught accidentally.

Trolling is a favorite form of angling but fly- fishing also gets good results. Ice fishing in the winter is also popular and is often ranked as one of Oregon’s best ice fishing lakes. So this is truly an all 4 season fishing spot.


Odell is one of Oregon’s top-tier fisheries, and it is unforgettable! Located in northern Klamath County, the lake is 5 miles long and 1 ½ miles wide and is over 300′ in many places. Odell Lake is an ideal habitat and has an abundance of kokanee salmon, massive lake trout, and native rainbows.  There are a few protected bull trout in the lake, which, again, you must release unharmed if caught by mistake. Those bull trout also are the reason for special closures in a few locations near creeks, so make sure to check the regulations before fishing. Whitefish are also found in the lake’s shallower areas and can be fun for kids to catch from shore.  It’s truly a family fishing spot to enjoy and make memories for years to come!

Sprague River

If river fishing is more your style, don’t worry! Klamath County has plenty of that too!  The Sprague River is a major tributary of the lower Williamson Rive. This long stream (about 75 miles long!) is best known for its rainbow and brown trout fishing, but also has largemouth bass as well.The best trout fishing is in the late spring and early summer you will also find bullhead catfish and some yellow perch during that time.  The river closes Nov 1st for all fishing to protect spawning redband trout.


This federally designated wild and scenic river is 40 miles long and cuts through steep canyons to offer some of the best views and dry fly action you may ever see. The Rainbow trout in the the 6 mile stretch between Keno Dam and J.C. Boyle Reservoir are occasionally larger than the steelhead!  This section does have a long seasonal closure from late spring into early fall to protect trout during high water temperatures, so carefully read ODFW’s regulations before heading out there.



Klamath County’s Wood River is a quiet step back in time. The clear trout stream in Ft. Klamath flows into Upper Klamath Lake.  It’s slow, clear and cold spring waters hold large numbers of healthy resident brown and spawning runs of magnificent redband rainbow trout that will eventually grow to steelhead size in the rich lakes below the river. The Wood River has endless cut banks and grassy turns that make it an ideal spot for dry fly fishing. It is a must do while visiting the beautiful Klamath Basin.

So there you have it!!  Just a very few of the fishing spots to try when you are in Klamath County.  This is why it is a perfect place to get away and relax, you’ll never run out of perfect fishing spots around here!

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