Ep. 7 Is this a SCAM? How to Verify a Legitimate Land Deal

In this episode of Land Stories…

Is this a SCAM?!???? Is this a question that YOU ask when you see an ad for land promising a great price and superior financing options? Well, it’s a legitimate question that Generation Family Properties hears time and time again.

In this episode of Land Stories Dave will tell you the BEST practices to follow that ensures that you are NOT falling for a scam! Stay tuned to hear Kristy talk about a wondrous 1.25 acre property in Mohave County with mountain views!

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Intro: welcome to the Land Stories podcast where our goal is to help everyday people like you own land. And now your host, who is an eagle scout that is horrible at tying knots, Dave Denniston.

Dave: Hello, my friends. Welcome back to another episode of Land Stories Live. I am your host, Dave Denniston with Generation Family Properties LLC where our goal is to help hundreds of people just like you own land. And most of all, we wanna be able to tell your land story. Well, I have hear back with me, Kristy. Kristy, what’s going on?

Kristy: hello. Not much. Feeling a little under the weather but maybe it’s a perk??

Dave: Right? Well, we’ll have some fun. We’ll talk some land stuff.

Kristy: Yes.

Dave: Well, hey I would love to hear from you Christie on some of just what’s happening behind the scenes with you and some of the land you see moving. What do you see? What’s happening right now with our land business?

Kristy: So, I was extremely busy huh?

Dave: Yeah, it was.

Kristy: Just like every day there’s something going, going, going. People coming back for more. It was good, good busy month.

Dave: It has been. Yeah, I know the Timberon properties in Ontero County were going super quick like those were –

Kristy: Mhm, like I think the one sold the same day it got listed and then it was within 24 hours at least, pretty good.

Dave: and we went over that property last week so definitely everyone should heck that out. I thought it wold be cool to talk a little bit about when someone wants to buy, you know like, so many people, I don’t know if you hear this a lot but on my end it’s like you know is this real,like is this a scam? Like how do I know this is legal, what’s –

Kristy: all the time, which is a fair question.

Dave: oh totally fair question. What are your thoughts, you know like how do people know that it’s legal and how does that work?

Kristy: i think one of the best ways people can no is to actually just get on the phone with one of us so you can see that we’re real people, you know we can interact and answer the questions, that’s huge. Yeah and then ?? a lot is depending on ?property too long it might not have caught up with county and confirm that you do in fact own it and its not some scam that we’ve just looked up a property number and done the website, take the money and then that’s the end of it, you know pro? again. SO, it;s not a really good way to just double check and then a better ?? you can look up and see thats got a good rating and ?? and yeah but honestly I think the best is just get to know us, chat and see that we’re real people that really wanna help

Dave: that’s it. Yeah I think, I think those are all great pieces of advice and one thing that I do wanna point out, I;m gonna go ahead and share my screen here for a little bit. So, if you go to our facebook page, we’ve actually had a lot of people do reviews. So, if you’re ever concerned about it, you can see all kinds of reviews that different people have put about us and what we do but beyond that, certainly we have a blog post that talks about kind of the process. You know, let’s say you’ve found the property. This is it. We have a whole blog post upon the paperwork in the next steps. And so if someone says, Kristy, I’m ready to buy this property, the first thing we ALWAYS get together is the purchase sale agreement. You wanna talk about that a little bit Kristy? You know, what is that purchase sale agreement, what’s in that, whats that all about?

Kristy: it’s actually fairly straight forward. It’s just a one-page document. And it has obviously seller’s name buyer’s name the property itself and then it’ll have the terms which is that’s the most important part that’s we need to know before we get to so do you wanna pay cash do you wanna finance? If you wanna finance how much do you want to put down you know do you want it in minimum monthly payments do you wanna go over the so restructure it that way and that’s thrown in there. And then there’s you know just some legal information which you need to know about when you’re gonna get the documents when its gonna close this? And then it’s sent to you in a doc you sign which is super easy. You can sign it online send it back. It’s super quick. If you decide you want a property you can have the documents to you, signed and back to us easily within an hour. So it’s super fast.

Dave: it is, super quick. And we generally like to do this because just like this blog post says we wanna make sure that we get everything documented, right? Before we take any money from you that there’s some sort of agreement everyone gets. And so you get a copy, I get a copy and then after everyone’s signed, that’s when we collect the down payment. Which this blog post is actually a little bit outdated. We now use either authorized.net or we use moonclerk to do the payment process. And then rather then ??pay, we use another thing called zimplemoney which we need to, I need to update some of these videos here. but it kind of it walks you through its a very similar software where you can go and see your payments, that history, you can see the balance, you can have us make extra payments and stuff like that.

And then after everything’s said and done, we send you the promissory note, a land contract and we have some guarantees that we”ll probably have to talk about another time. Then finally, once you pay off the property of if you just paid cash initially then we just do the warranty deed and we deed the property over to you, which if you wanna go through a title company, that is no problem. We’re happy to work with that. We may ask you to pay for the cost of doing that but we don’t have to go through a title company. We can go right through the county. You can get the recording number to verify ownership with the county and all that kind of stuff. Afterwards, so just a summary kind of what happens if you buy from us on a monthly payment plan, we get that purchase sale agreement together.

We get just set up for the recurring monthly payments and some other paperwork and then once the property is paid off, we deed it over to you via the warranty deed. Do have any other thoughts, Kristy? Kind of about the process?

Kristy: no, no, not about the process. I guess one thing I always point out to people is that you mentioned you can go in there and do extra payments cause there’s never a prepaid?? which to me is huge because sometimes people seek that in there where it’s you get penalized for it or we actually encourage it cause it’ll belong to you faster if you do it that way.

Dave: absolutely –

Kristy: ?? and it’s interesting you get to own the property faster so it’s a win-win.

Dave: it’s a win-win situation, I always say hey I can buy more land, you know. You paid this off sooner, I can buy another property, so –

Kristy: exactly –

Dave: it’s a win-win for everybody. All right. And if again you guys wanna check out this blog post you can see the URL up here which for those of you that’s might be listening to this is in a audio format, it’s genfamproperties.com slash 2019 slash 04 slash 05 slash how do you make a land deal, so. But you can look for it on the blog post will have it up there. Well, I’m gonna go ahead and stop sharing my screen cause I know Christie you have a property you wanna go over; one of our newer ones.

Kristy: yeah. ok, goodness ?? tell me when it’s up and you can see the property, it should be good now –

Dave: i see the property, there we go

Kristy: ok. So we’re gonna do a M?? family property this time, which is in Arizona. You see nice mountain views, electric lines which I guess that’s a big one

Dave: it’s got line, yeah above there in the picture they’re kind of faint

Kristy: ?? yup so that’s huge because you don’t if you wanna build a little place or if you wanna build your dream home some day or retire there, you’re done, like that’s, it’ll save you tons of money, ton of time. It’s right there ready for you. So that’s huge. The area itself’s pretty cool too.

Dave[interval]: COPY

Kristy: SPEAKING OF BLOGS, IF YOU’RE LOOKING AT THE other blog, pop into the Monova county blog there, that one wants to ell too. We have blogs on everything. But this, the whole county, the county’s quite big. So, there’s a lot of the county. It encompasses the grand canyon and it encompasses like ?? it’s a lot. But just in this area, that’s very close. There’s actually a lot of real cool stuff. There’s museums, it’s the Arizona State 66 Museum, it;s right in Kingmon. Kingmon is the closest march town. It’s about 30 minutes away. So, it’s really not that –

Dave: why ‘you pull it up on the Google Maps Christie and let’s take a look as you’re kind of talking over the area?

Kristy: yeah so here’s the property. And you see Kingmon’s here.

Dave: down southeast, yep, yep, yep.

Kristy: yep. So, coral?? is quite close. It’s only about 8 to 10 minutes. So, if you need little tough super fast then anything you would possibly need would be Kingmon. So, that’s not far at all. That’s actually real good. Lots of museums in the are too that I’ve seen. So, there’s the route 66 museum, there’s a railroad museum, a history and arts museum, so hsotry box awesome place to be. There’s a lot of several wineries too. There’s a brewery, there’s a distillery. So, like fun Sunday afternoon stuff. You go eat lunch at the brewery and hang out. I always enjoy that, I think it’s cool. I’m actually not even a big drinker but I love wineries. I do not like wine, I love wineries. I just like the atmosphere of them.

Dave: my wife loves mead, that’s her favorite kind of wine. That’s like a honey wine. So, she loves the sweet stuff.

Kristy: i don’t even know what that is. I’m so bad. Don’t know anything about wine but I love the setting of being in there. I just think its really cool. There’s golf courses; two really nice ones in the area. So, if you like golf. Also, right? So, here’s the the property. Right about here, just south of Florida, there’s a ghost town.

Dave: oh cool!

Kristy: i was ?? the area I would go to it for sure because I actually hate being scared like I, ugh, you go to haunted houses and you get stressed and it’s like then you’re out and you feel so good. Anyway, ?? it’s a really famous ghost town tour you can do there too. So, that’s cool. And also, it’s only an hour, I’m gonna scroll out a little more here, it’s only an hour and a half from Vegas. Keep scrolling here –

Dave: ??

Kristy: and also see here there’s way too much, yeah

Dave: what’s to the left there? Was that the, is that the Colorado rover and like Mohave??

Kristy: yeah ?? Mohave is just under an hour away and so you’ve got the lake there, the rivers, you know. Boating, fishing, all that kind of stuff, just duper cool.

Dave: i was in boy scouts long time ago. We actually went on the 30-mile canoe trip down the Colorado, right down through that area down to havasu. So, we kind of ended the trip i Havasu, which is a little further south, scroll out just a little there –

Kristy: yeah, here, this area. Like Havasu city and all of that.

Dave: yeah down there, where you star seeing Havasu, there he is –

Kristy: ??

Dave: i think it’s also part of the county. It’s –

Kristy: yes. And i don’t know if did you do the black canyon when you were there because that’s, I wrote about that on the blog, which is why i ask. absolutely beautiful –

Dave: i don’t remember-

Kristy: i kayaked through these stunning and beautiful. It’s got the huge rock formations around it and the clear water, its beautiful. So, that’s in that area also.

Dave: we probably did. alright so where’s Vegas?

Kristy: there we go, right here. About an hour and half which is not far –

Dave: no –

Kristy: at all 

Dave: uh-uh –

Kristy: yeah. Two and a half to Flagstaff here. so, there. And then three hours to Phoenix, down here. So, it’s a good location, a lot of pretty good cities.

Dave: yeah

Kristy: even those cities that wanna drive our or if you wanna live here that gives you maybe ?? fly in an hour so you don’t really need to live anywhere in Arizona. You live in Seattle on ?? You could fly into Vegas, check, see your luck on the black checked tables for a couple hours. And then drive to your property and chill for the weekend

Dave: well, it’s not really that far from LA either, you know. I think you’re about 5 hours away from LA. So, certainly, its for someone that lives in southern California, outside of some bad traffic, you know you certainly could get out there for those who are snow gurus. You know, you wanna get away for the winter time, get away from Seattle or Portland or some place colder. Minnesota where I live, what a great place to go –

Kristy: ??

Dave: to for the winter time, so.

Kristy: yep, yp.

Dave: all right. Let’ go back to our website listing, Kristy. Let’s see –

Kristy: yeah I’ll scroll a little further so i you want more pictures –

Dave: go over the property

Kristy: and you see there you have nice views 

Dave: which of course behind me, our virtual background, you can see we have the property behind me here, which I think is that exact picture actually that you got right there.

Kristy: yeah, I think this is exactly it, yeah. Oh here this is really cute so you see the road that’s nice road. You certainly wouldn’t need a 4×4 or anything like that to get to it anyhow ? –

Dave: yeah

Kristy: so, that’s nice ?? county. Just no neighbors, just wide open view

Dave: and you notice this says zoning agricultural. So, that doesn’t mean that you have to farm there, right? You know, just that you can. You can. Certainly, you can have a mobile home i believe, I’m pretty darn sure. Yo can build a tiny home or something like that, as long as you’re keeping up with whatever the county codes are. So, there’s a lot of different things you could do with the property. And we can see right there. How much are those taxes, Kristy?

Kristy: 16 dollars and that’s per yeah, that’s not per month, that’s per year –

Dave: per year, 16 dollars –

Kristy: so about a dollar a month –

Dave: it’s like less than a cup at Starbucks or something, you know –

Kristy: way less actually, significantly less than Starbucks. I don’t think you can get a cup of coffee at Donald’s for a dollar 50 can you?

Dave: i don’t think so. And what’s the pricing on this property? How much are we looking for?

Kristy: this one is, 6000 cash and if you wanna finance it’s 7000 that you can pay as low as 119 a month –

Dave: 119 a month. hat’s it and we can see we have the GPS corners here, you know, you notice here at the bottom of the listing which is where Kristy is at. You know, you have a lot of good details here. You have the legal description, the account number, the GPS coordinates, the taxes, you know. Everything is really here. At the bottom if you”re really interested in statistics.

Kristy: if you have any specific questions that maybe we cant even answer like how do you ?? or how do you know you can call the county and this is what they’re gonna ask you for. Is the legal description. So this is an important one to have. You wanna call the county with any questions.

Dave: perfect. Well, what do think, Christie? any other thoughts, anything we’re missing, haven’t covered on this property?

Kristy: not on this property but go read the blog, you know, see how cool Navajo county is.

Dave: ah, so again the Colorado river is so nice, you know. There’s so many –
Kristy: it’s beautiful –

Dave: nice trips you can do out there. All right. Well, Christie, if someone has any questions about this property, wants to talk to you about it further what’s the best way to get a hold of you?

Kristy: you can call or text or email. The number, I’ll give you the number first, 971-248-6715, so you can call or text on that and I’ll get right back to you. Or email sales@genfamland.com.

Dave: perfect!

Kristy: yeah, ask away.

Dave: ask away. And if this property isn’t a good fit for you, I know we have a bunch in Mohave, in Navajo county. We have another property that’s also in Mohave, so if you’re looking for a property but its in Colorado, or new mexico, or Arizona, hopefully we have a good fit for you. So, just reach out to Kristy if you wanna talk land and shop around a little bit. Any other closing thoughts, Kristy?

Kristy: nope, that’s it!

Dave: all right. Well, I think that’s wraps it up for today, my friends. We’d love to hear from you if you have a question maybe you wanna ask on this, we would love to answer it live and talk to you and answer your question on the show. And that wraps it up for our episode today. Make sure to tune into us live on Facebook every Monday at 11:30 am central, and Tuesday at 4:30 pm central. Again, thank you so much for tuning into Land Stories with me, Dave Denniston and Kristy. Make sure to check out all of our properties at www.genfamproperties.com and if you’re looking land, I know Christie would love to speak with you if you’d love to talk to her directly, feel free to give her a call. Kristy, what’s that phone number again?

Kristy: 971-248-6715.

Dave: perfect! There you go folks. Have a good one. Reach out anytime. Bye-bye.

Kristy: Bye!

Dave[outro]: all right my friends. Well, that wraps up the episode for today. And just remember, it’s just for through the end of December. We would love to give you the opportunity to win 5 acres, 5 acres in Colorado, no strings attached. You can enter completely free as a gift from us to you. Make sure to text freeland, f-r-e-e-l-a-n-d to 44222. Again, text freeland, all one word, to 44222 and we will get y’all entered into the drawing to win 5 acres. All right my friends, we’ll talk to you later. Have a good one, bye-bye.