Unique 5 Acre Lot in Southern Colorado with Natural Wash: $199/Mo in San Luis, CO – Eco-Friendly Living Awaits!

San Luis, Costilla County, CO

Ever dreamed of owning a piece of the wild, complete with your very own natural wash? Dive into this unique 5 acre plot in Costilla County for just $199 a month. This special feature adds character to the landscape, creating a unique natural gathering spot for local wildlife and presenting an amazing opportunity for nature photography or bird watching.

The seasonal wash that just touches the corner of the property adds a ton of character to the property and will bring lots of unique flora and fauna with the different seasons.  It can even be used to create a unique garden or desert oasis!

Check out the picture of some NEARBY property that is SIMILAR and imagine getting to spend all your free time enjoying these stunning mountain views!

Property Details:

Natural Wash: Experience the beauty and biodiversity that a natural wash brings to your land. It’s a unique touch that sets your property apart, offering a serene spot to connect with nature right in your backyard.
Direct Road Access: No need to worry about how to get here; a dirt road leads you straight to adventure located at Acoma Trail, San Luis, CO.
Versatile Land: Whether it’s flat spots for building or gentle slopes for exploring, you’ve got the best of both worlds. It’s perfect for planting, playing, or just pondering under the vast Colorado sky.

Just 12 minutes short drive from the Rio Grande River, water-based fun is always an option. Fishing, kayaking, or riverside picnics can become part of your weekend bonding. This land isn’t just a place to live—it’s a sanctuary where memories are made, adventures are had, and peace is found. Your dreams of off-grid living or having a weekend escape are now within reach for only $199 a month.

Curious about the buying process?  Check out this short YouTube video!!! to see just how easy it is!

Here are some things you can do while visiting Costilla County:

  1. Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve: Explore North America’s tallest sand dunes at this unique national park. Activities include sand sledding, hiking, photography, and wildlife viewing. You can also camp in the park’s designated camping areas.
  2. Culebra Peak: Embark on a challenging hike to the summit of Culebra Peak, which is the highest peak in Costilla County and the southernmost 14,000-foot peak in the United States. The peak is part of the Culebra Range and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.
  3. San Luis State Park: Enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, hiking, birdwatching, and wildlife viewing at San Luis State Park. The park features a reservoir, wetlands, and grasslands, providing diverse habitats for various species.
  4. Sangre de Cristo Mountains: Explore the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, which offer opportunities for hiking, backpacking, camping, and wildlife viewing. The range is known for its rugged beauty, alpine lakes, and diverse ecosystems.
  5. Camping and RVing: Costilla County offers numerous camping and RV sites, including campgrounds in national forests, state parks, and private campgrounds. Enjoy the tranquility of nature and the beauty of the surrounding mountains.
  6. Fishing: Cast your line in the area’s rivers, streams, lakes, and reservoirs, which offer opportunities to catch trout, bass, pike, and other freshwater fish. Popular fishing spots include the Rio Grande River and Sanchez Reservoir.
  7. Hunting: Costilla County is known for its abundant wildlife and hunting opportunities. Obtain the necessary permits and licenses to hunt for deer, elk, bear, turkey, and small game in designated hunting areas.
  8. Photography: Capture the stunning landscapes, wildlife, and natural beauty of Costilla County through photography. From sweeping mountain vistas to colorful sunsets, there are endless opportunities for striking photos.
  9. Cultural and Historical Sites: Explore the rich history and cultural heritage of the area by visiting historical sites, museums, and landmarks. Learn about the region’s Native American, Hispanic, and pioneer heritage.
  10. Scenic Drives: Take a scenic drive through Costilla County to admire the breathtaking mountain scenery, rolling hills, and expansive valleys. Stop at viewpoints along the way to take in the panoramic views and snap photos.

Its not too far from town when you need to stock up:

  • San Luis (23 min / 19.4 miles)
  • Fort Garland (38 min / 35.2 miles)
  • Alamosa (56 min / 47.5 miles)
  • Santa Fe (2 hr 26 min / 130 miles)

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Discount Cash Price: $4,999.00, plus $399 document fee (non-refundable) or alternatively…

Owner Financing Price: $5,999, Only a $1,000 down payment required!! $601 in equity and $399 non-refundable document fee. Payment as low as $199 per month.

  • We are a small family business. Because our owner, Dave Denniston, enjoys making land ownership available to families like yours who want to create memories for years to come we are flexible and can make this property fit any budget. We offer owner financing with a land contract. We will transfer with a warranty deed and always guarantee a clean title.
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Property Details

Street Address: Acoma Trail
City: San Luis
State: CO
County: Costilla
Zip Code: 81152
Size: 5.00
APN: 71504450
Legal Description: R.G.R. Unit 4 Blk 0 Lot 98 Cont. 5.00 Ac (242 970 Thru 978)(251 847)
Google Maps: Click Here!
coordinates: NW corner: 37.0734, -105.6517 (ROAD) NE corner: 37.0734, -105.6511 (ROAD) SW corner: 37.071, -105.6517 SE corner: 37.071, -105.6511
Annual Taxes: Taxes are around $50/yr ($4/mo if financing)


R1. Min. 400sqft. R-1. Manufactured Homes must be newer than 1976 : permit applications must include HUD Number and CO DOH Certificate. Setbacks: front: min. 45ft from centerline of roadway to furthest structural projection. Sideyards: at least 2.5ft in depth from all side property lines to the building of any structure, except corner lots which maintain a minimum setback of 10ft. Rear: min. 10ft, excepting fences, walls and hedges when used as a boundary line separation which shall be 5ft from rear property line. Mobile homes, Camping, & RVs are allowed, but there are some restriction. “short term” camping - you are allowed 2 weeks every 3 months. For “long term” camping - you must have a septic system and a water source put in and apply for a permit. Easements for installation of utilities and drainage facilities are reserved over the rear 5ft of each lot. — See Residential Zoning Restrictions for Costilla County: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14fX97S7f6iwG-wGSqzMJytcIsLG2dSXc/view — CC&R Restrictions Here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aZt7b40sAd_IpbKqA-3RZ7bOJXyzWXSc/view
Access: Dirt Road
Sewer: Septic can be installed
Water: Would be well
Utilities: Solar, Wind, Generator would be best here

Property Images

Payment Options

Need this property?

The initial investment is only $1000

$601 down + $399 document fee

We are a small family business and can be flexible and can make this fit any budget that can meet our minimums. Our owner Dave Denniston enjoys making land ownership available to families like ours who want to make memories for years to come. We can owner finance with a land contract. We can transfer with a warranty deed and guarantee a clean title.

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Phone/Text: (971) 248-6715
Email: sales@genfamland.com

$5,999 (plus interest & $399 document fee) NO QUALIFYING | NO PREPAYMENT PENALTIES
$4,999 Plus $399 document fee
$199/month INCLUDES prorated property taxes and note servicing fee.