Endless Possibilities: NO HOA, NO Restrictions – Secure Your 4.85 Acre haven in Pinehill, NM for $249/Mo!

Pinehill, Cibola County, NM

This sizable 4.85-acre plot in Pinehill, NM is more than just land—it’s a ticket to a quieter, more relaxing life.  Say hello to the sprawling views of Cibola county….. You can see for miles in every direction and really take in the sights and sounds of nature on this amazing property.

Wave goodbye to crowded cityscapes and embrace a life with no electricity or water lines, perfect for those who find peace in simple, sustainable living. Here, you’ll find wide-open fields mixed with patches of trees. It’s a great place to escape, breathe in fresh air, and enjoy nature’s simplicity.

No HOA or restrictions to limit your activities. Whether you’re interested in camping, RV-ing, or setting up a mobile home, this property provides the flexibility you need to create your ideal living setup.

Just an hour from Grants, you can explore New Mexico’s wonders while staying close to amenities. Experience tranquil, rural living without sacrificing accessibility on this flexible land parcel for as little as 249/month!

Check out the photos and video of the property below to see how you can elevate your weekends with this property! 

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When you need to stock up on essentials, Pinehill is only a twenty-four minute commute. The rest of the time you can be alone off grid with the wildlife, star filled night sky, and panoramic views. Unwind from a busy work week in silence and pure relaxation.

Pinehill (24 min / 11.5 miles)

Grants (1 hr 11 min /55.8 miles)

Albuquerque (2 hr 12 min / 131 miles)

Los Lunas (2 hr 16 min / 133 miles)

Cibola County, located in New Mexico, offers a variety of outdoor and cultural activities. While the area might be less densely populated than urban centers, there are still plenty of things to do. Keep in mind that the availability of activities may change, so it’s always a good idea to check for the latest information. Here are some suggestions:

  1. El Morro National Monument:  Explore the inscriptions left by travelers over the centuries on the “Inscription Rock.”  Hike the trails and enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding landscape.
  2. El Malpais National Monument:  Discover unique lava flows, cinder cones, and ancient lava tubes.  Take a scenic drive or go hiking to witness the diverse geological features.
  3. Wildlife Viewing:  Cibola County is home to diverse wildlife. Birdwatching and wildlife observation can be rewarding activities, especially in the natural areas.
  4. Ice Caves and Bandera Volcano:  Visit the Ice Cave and explore the Bandera Volcano, a fascinating geological site.
  5. Cultural and Historical Sites:  Check out local museums or historical sites to learn about the rich cultural heritage of the region.
  6. Camping and Hiking:  Take advantage of the numerous camping and hiking opportunities in the area, whether it’s in national parks, forests, or other natural reserves.
  7. Photography:  Capture the unique landscapes and natural beauty of Cibola County, which can be a haven for photography enthusiasts.
  8. Stargazing:  The low population density and minimal light pollution make Cibola County an excellent spot for stargazing. Consider bringing a telescope or simply enjoy the night sky.
  9. Local Events: Check for local events, festivals, or fairs that might be happening during your visit. These events can provide insight into the local culture and community.


Discount Cash Price: $9,999.00 or alternatively…

Owner Financing Price: $10,999, Only a $1,000 down payment required!! $651 in equity and $349 non-refundable document fee. Payment as low as $249 per month.

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Phone/Text: (971) 248-6715
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  • We are a small family business. Because our owner, Dave Denniston, enjoys making land ownership available to families like yours who want to create memories for years to come we are flexible and can make this property fit any budget. We offer owner financing with a land contract. We will transfer with a warranty deed and always guarantee a clean title.

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Property Details

Subdivision: Pine Meadow Ranch
Street Address: Twilight Way
City: Pinehill
State: NM
County: Cibola
Zip Code: 87357
Size: 4.85
APN: R04634
Legal Description: PINE MEADOWS RANCH Lot: 62 Unit: 1 4.85 AC PINON DR
Google Maps: Click Here!
coordinates: NW corner: NE corner: SW corner: SE corner:
Annual Taxes: $56/year ($5/mo if financing)


Non-Residential Land. No minimum sq. ft. Mobile homes, camping and RVs are allowed, including living in an RV.
HOA/POA: None in Unti 1
Access: Dirt Road
Sewer: Septic can be installed
Water: Would be well or water delivery to a cistern or water hauling
Utilities: Solar, generator, or wind

Property Images

Payment Options

Need this property?

The initial investment is only $1000

$651 down + $349 document fee

We are a small family business and can be flexible and can make this fit any budget that can meet our minimums. Our owner Dave Denniston enjoys making land ownership available to families like ours who want to make memories for years to come. We can owner finance with a land contract. We can transfer with a warranty deed and guarantee a clean title.

Contact Kristy Limon today!
Phone/Text: (971) 248-6715
Email: sales@genfamland.com

$10,999 (plus interest & $349 document fee) NO QUALIFYING | NO PREPAYMENT PENALTIES
$9,999 Plus $349 document fee
$249/month INCLUDES prorated property taxes and note servicing fee.