1.3 Acre Property in⛰ Beautiful Alamogordo, NM Ranch! Only $329 / Month !!!

Alamogordo, Otero County, NM

Enjoy your privately owned 1.30 acre property in Alamogordo, NM. This is a one of a kind property located on your very own ranch with a beautiful mountainous view. There is even an utility pole for electricity located nearby. For as low as $329 / month and $1,800 down this gorgeous acre of land could be all yours. The property sits on level terrain and there is access to a gravel road. The property even has access to water from a well and a municipal sewer system in place. Stop scrolling and look no further because Alamogordo, NM is the place for you!!

Check out the pictures of the property to get a feel for how you can start spending your weekends!

From our Photographer: The easement may be an issue but there is access through the alley. There are a lot of grease wood that grows over into the road. I’ve driven my car through there but had to be careful not to scratch it. I normally take my truck. There is another road around to the back but it’s very narrow and a lot of greasewood as well. I wouldn’t take a car or nice truck down it.

The electric is in the alley.. the lines do hang low and are are on the same side of the alley as the lot is. There is natural gas and septic in the Alley, however the water main is at the end of the alley on the east side and the other water main is a block and a half away farther down on the west end of the alley.
Call 575-439-4244 – Alamogordo Utility Maintenance for more info on Sewer and Water.

We have contacted the home owner who’s property has the most logical access for large (building) vehicles, and he was very friendly and didn’t mind if someone used it for access.

Want to see more pictures and videos? Email me at sales@genfamland.com or call/text 971-248-6715

When you need to stock up on essentials, Las Cruces is only an hour fifteen minute commute. The rest of the time you can be alone off grid with the wildlife, star filled night sky, and panoramic views. Unwind from a busy work week in silence and pure relaxation.

Las Cruces – 1 hr 15 min (70.6 miles)
Ciudad Juarez  – 1 hr 46 min (97.1 miles)
Sunland Park – 1 hr 43 min (101 miles)
Truth or Consequences  – 2 hr 11 min (140 miles)


Discount Cash Price: $19,299.00 or alternatively…

Owner Financing Price: $21,299, Only a $1,800 down payment required!! $1,201 in equity and $599 non-refundable document fee. Payment as low as $329 per month.

  • We are a small family business. Because our owner, Dave Denniston, enjoys making land ownership available to families like yours who want to create memories for years to come we are flexible and can make this property fit any budget. We offer owner financing with a land contract. We will transfer with a warranty deed and always guarantee a clean title.


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Property Details

Street Address: 26th St.
City: Alamogordo
State: NM
County: Otero
Zip Code: 88310
Size: 1.30
APN: R024177
Legal Description: S: 8 T: 16 R: 10 TR IN N1/2SE1/4
Google Maps: Click Here!
coordinates: NW Corner 32.923683, -105.937774, NE Corner 32.923689, -105.937254, SW Corner 32.922875, -105.937766 (ROAD), SE Corner 32.922875, -105.937242 (ROAD)
Annual Taxes: Taxes are $63/year or $6/month


R-1 Single-Family Dwelling. Mobile homes and building on the property are permitted. No building shall exceed two and one-half (2½) stories or thirty-five (35) feet in height. Camping is prohibited; however, the use of RVs are permitted. A recreational vehicle, which otherwise complies with the provisions of this Ordinance, may be used for dwelling purposes for not more than fourteen (14) days total in any continuous six month period. Connection to utilities shall be only of a temporary nature using a flexible connection. A mobile housing unit or a recreational vehicle may be used for a temporary construction office at a site where construction work is being carried on. Temporary buildings and structures for uses incidental to construction work, which buildings and structures shall be immediately removed upon the completion or abandonment of the said construction work.
Access: Gravel road
Sewer: Municipal sewer - 575-439-4244 - Alamogordo Utility Maintenance
Water: Would be well or City water 575-439-4244 - Alamogordo Utility Maintenance
Utilities: Power at the road

Property Images

Payment Options

Need this property?

The initial investment is only $1850

$1451 down + $399 document fee

We are a small family business and can be flexible and can make this fit any budget that can meet our minimums. Our owner Dave Denniston enjoys making land ownership available to families like ours who want to make memories for years to come. We can owner finance with a land contract. We can transfer with a warranty deed and guarantee a clean title.

Contact Kristy Limon today!
Phone/Text: (971) 248-6715
Email: sales@genfamland.com

$21,299 (plus interest & $399 document fee) NO QUALIFYING | NO PREPAYMENT PENALTIES
$19,299 Plus $399 document fee
$329/month INCLUDES prorated property taxes and note servicing fee.