The ABC’s of Using Owner Financing for Raw Land

If you have been thinking about a solid financial investment in your future, then you have probably been researching property investment.  Buying raw land is a great strategy to increase your net worth.  But what if you can’t afford to drop a lot of cash right now, but still want to get in the game early?  Then owner financing might be just the solution you need!  There are plenty of reputable sellers out there that offer terms for buying vacant land, and most of the payment options are very affordable, and some have little to no interest on the loan! The process is generally pretty straight forward, but let’s go through a few of the basics to make sure you are up to speed with our process.

Most banks have stopped lending on raw land unless you offer some type of collateral or are building a house NOW so they get the mortgage loan.  While that is great in some situations, what if you aren’t ready to build yet?  You can still buy NOW and build LATER!


We Offer No Qualifying Loans

What exactly does that mean?  It’s simple…. Everyone qualifies to take advantage of seller financing on any of our properties. There is no income level needed to qualify and we don’t do any credit check.   If you see a property on our website that you love, you can get it!  The interest rate (as low as zero!) of your loan is dependent on the length of the loan, not your credit rating.  Banks have tons of paperwork, hassle and oftentimes headaches too. We sidestep all of that. Since we own the property, we decided everyone deserves to own their own land. Your family deserves it!

We Have Flexible Down Payments and Monthly Payments

Each of the properties we own has a different payment structure, but they are all flexible.  We can work with just about any budget!  The minimum down payment and monthly payments are listed on each property, but you can adjust that to fit your current situation.  If you have more to put down, great!  That means you will have a shorter term, lower interest rate, and have the property paid off sooner.  Want to pay more than the minimum each month, also fine!  We can write up the sales contract with terms that you are comfortable with. 

NO Prepayment Penalties

If good fortune hits and you get a raise or bonus at work and you want to put down a one time large payment, or increase your monthly payment you can!  Any money that you pay in addition to your normal monthly payment goes 100% to the principal of the loan!  You will save money on interest and it is a great way to own your property even sooner.  We never have any prepayment penalties. Ever!

There you have it…. The quick rundown of how our owner financing works.  It really is that simple!   So if you see a property on our website that catches your eye, don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out how we can make it work for you!  Let’s get that net worth GROWING!