Land Stories Live — Episode 50! How to Get A Loan on Land with Jeramy Stephens on Land Line Lending (

Land Stories Live— Episode 50!  

Welcome back to another episode of Land Stories Live! I am your host, Dave Denniston of Generation Family Properties, LLC where our goal is to help hundreds of people like you own land. Most of all, we want to tell your land story!

As many of you may know, we specialize in doing owner financing on a lot of our properties.

However, I’m certainly not a bank and we do charge interest that perhaps may be higher than what a bank would charge you.

We also know that many of our clients wouldn’t qualify for traditional bank financing and we’ve been filling in that hole to help them out.

Today I have the honor of having a special guest with me who  is the President of Land Line Lending and anAccredited Land  Consultant with the REALTORS Land Institute. He has over 20 years of experience in the real estate business, working in the Farm Credit system and land industry.

His company Land Line Lending was established by land brokers who saw a need in the land lending industry and sought to create a solution. They say that they have been working hard to simplify loans for land buyers. Their goal is to provide quick closings, competitive lending solutions and quality customer service and communication.

I’m so glad to have him on because I am personally interested in learning more about all of this.

Please help me welcome Jeramy Stephens from Land Line Lending.


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