Ep. 5 Dave’s Hilarious Horseback???? Riding Experience & Beautiful New Mexico Land With Kristy Limon!

In this episode of Land Stories…

Have you ever been horseback riding????? What do you do if your horse suddenly decides to stop and have a meal, or take a dip in the water trough…with YOU still on it! In episode 5 of Land Stories Dave shares his comical 1st horseback riding experience to Kristy, an EXPERT horse trainer, competitor, and Ad Writer for the Generation Family Properties team!

Kristy also highlights a stunning New Mexico property near the Lincoln National Forest that is great for camping, relaxing, and yes…horseback riding!

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Intro: welcome to the Land Stories podcast where our goal is to help everyday people like you own land. And now your host, who is an eagle scout that is horrible at tying knots, Dave Denniston.

Dave: welcome back to another episode of Land Stories Live. I am your host Dave Denniston of Generation Family Properties where our goal is to help hundreds of people like you own land. And most of all, we wanna tell your land story. So, in this episode today I have Kristie back with me. Hey Kristie!

Kristie: hello, how are you?

Dave: I’m doing great, I’m doing great. It’s a beautiful, beautiful day out here in Minnesota. We’re enjoying the summertime. The mosquitos are out, you know. The state bird, so. Well, I thought it’d be fun opening up to day. I know you love horses –

Kristie: I do –

Dave: and I wanted to tell you a quick story. So, my wife and I, my parents had blessed us with going to Jamaica for our honeymoon, right? So, we get there, it’s a great experience. And my wife does a dancing contest. And so she wins the dancing contest and she gets a free horseback ride for us as part of it. And it was like, on her birthday during our anniversary trip. So, we get some horses and she gets on her horse and everything goes fine. And this is the first time I’ve ever been on a horse. So, I get on this beautiful white horse. We’re on a beach in Jamaica, right? And I’m like ok, what do I do? I’ve never done this before, right? And so the horse like starts bending down and eating grass and I kick it and doesn’t do anything. I kick it again, it doesn’t do anything. And so they finally like grab it and it goes like six feet and starts eating grass again. And then it went to the ocean and then it stops. And like this horse like it knew I had no clue what they heck I was doing.

Kristie: of course they do. They know.

Dave: I would love to hear from you, you know, what’s like a funny horse story? Being like the horse expert. So a time someone maybe like I did where I had no clue or, you know.

Kristie: I’ll give you one that one-ups yours actually. So, I’ve taught riding lessons forever. And I used to teach it at a barn that has school horses. And school horses are very much unlike this horse that you used, like good old guys, awesome horses but are very much kind of over it. They’re like you know what, I don’t like these people that don’t know what they’re doing and I’m done. So, I’ll tell you a quick story about two of them. One was this appaloosa gelding, which is a spotted white with a little bit of brown, always stubborn, pretty much always. So, he used to, he didn’t eat grass. When he would get hot, he would go walk himself over to the water trough and get in it. They were still on his back. He would just get in the water trough.

Dave: just get in the water trough, oh my gosh.

Kristie: and then they would of course be, it was always kids you know they’d be like oh, what do I do, what do I do? And we would like just pull him and lift, pull and lift. We’d have to always go get him out cause he would not let the kids, he would just stand there till we went and got him out. And then another little pony that would just go, when she would get hot, we always knew don’t let Milly get too hot and sweaty because she’s a prima donna, she doesn’t like to sweat. She’d go lay down in the middle of the arena. Just lay down and the kids would be like what do I do? And we’d have to go, the same thing, get her. Milly, get up, and then make her go. They’re stubborn little things.

Dave: oh my gosh.

Kristie: if they don’t wanna do something, they’re not gonna do it.

Dave: so, after I was done, I have never had my backside hurt so bad. My poor little tush was hurting bad the next day, I couldn’t move.

Kristie: and you’ve got muscles you didn’t even know you had, I’m sure.

Dave: I know, right? Well, those are the wonderful things people can do on land! You can have horses. So –

Kristie: absolutely –

Dave: let’s talk about a property real quick. We have one of our favorite areas, an area in Otero County, New Mexico, which if you guys are looking behind me, what is this behind me? Well, this is the property we’re gonna be talking about today. So, Christie, why don’t you walk us through this property and this area and talk about it a little bit?

Kristie: yeah, I will. So, when you asked me today which property I wanted to go over, I specifically said this one because I thought if I don’t do it today, I bet it won’t be here next week –Dave: I know, right?

Kristie: because things sell so fast because it’s New Mexico with trees and mountains. So, everybody loves it. So, all the areas that are maybe more desert, they hear trees and they flock to it. So, this is a .51, so just over half an acre. You can see the mountain in the background. That’s the Sacramento Mountains back there that you see. And then Timberon is where that is actually located in Otero County and that is also bordered by the Lincoln National Forest. So, that’s why you have the mountains and the trees and it’s just absolutely beautiful. All kinds of wildlife.

Dave: why don’t you share your screen and let’s –

Kristie: oh yeah, I’ll do that –

Dave: and let’s look at the website listing a little bit.

Kristie: yeah, let’s see. I’ve gotta go, let me actually go to this one, ok. Then tell me when you can see my screen here.

Dave: we can see your screen.

Kristie: yeah. So, this I just pulled up because I thought this was really cool so I’ll just go through it real quick. All the animals. Like, I had no idea you could have black bears in New Mexico. I always assumed that was way further north.

Dave: yeah, right?

Kristie: so, I thought it was super cool. And then the average weather, I was looking that up too because I’m always curious and I always think of New Mexico and like I was talking about last week, Arizona, being hot. And even this month, August, which is supposed to be the hottest month, is actually only 83, I think is the average temperature –

Dave: which I, the last person to last week about one of the properties we had out there, they were down I think near Las Cruces area and it was like 110 degrees or something. And so they were so excited to have a property like this where you can cool down and be among the trees and not be boiling in the desert, you know?

Kristie: yeah and it’s not that far away so I just would’ve have guessed which has been very educational for me also that you can go to New Mexico and stay nice and cool. So, anyway, I thought that was interesting. So, let’s go to the website now. Enough of that interestingness. So, the other thing that’s been really popular about this area is it has got power and water. So, you’re not actually off-grid. You can go and you can you know build a house, which saves you a lot of money when you have all of that. Or build a little cabin and as you can see in these pictures you could if you wanted to build a cabin in the middle and nobody would know your cabin was there.

Dave: yeah, right?

Kristie: among the trees and no one would know you were there, which is so cool. Yeah, all those trees there, that’s the video after that. And then the roads are really well maintained too. So, there is a 30 dollar per year fee that everybody in the association pays to maintain the roads which is basically nothing and then you get these awesome quality roads. So, you don’t have to have a 4×4 or a jeep or ruin your car trying to get there. It’s actually just a nice road.

Dave: what I think’s so interesting about this development, is that there actually is not like an HOA which has to like approve of your building plans. So, some people get concerned, oh, gosh is this an HOA? Well, as a matter of fact, it’s not. There is this road association which helps to maintain some of the roads and general areas but you just have to get the county building approval to build on your place. And you have the water association which I think you have some details right down here below, Christie.

Kristie: yeah I don’t if it’s too close. Can see it on the screen? I think I can see it, I don’t know if you can see it but –

Dave: yeah –

Kristie: yeah the powerlines are actually just down the street from this one and then it’s a one-time fee of 675 to hook up to the waterlines that are already existing and then its 61 dollars a year to maintain that water service. So, for under 100 a year in fees between your water and your road, you get both, which is awesome and not expensive at all.

Dave: and I think the property taxes are super low on this too right? How much are those?

Kristie: they’re so low. Yeah, less than – 41,24.

Dave: 40 dollars a year. 40 bucks a year!

Kristie: yeah. So, 140 bucks a year is all you’re required to pay, which is just over 10 bucks a month, 11 bucks a month.

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Dave: and why don’t you look at the map? Let’s look at the map, the google map on this, this property Christie. Tell us a little bit about –

Kristie: you can see the area –

Dave: the immediate area around it.

Kristie: lots of green, that’s what’s immediately around it.

Dave: right?

Kristie: yeah, it’s not desert. Mountains and green. Oh, my computer is being so slow. Look at all of that. Just trees, trees and trees, trees, trees, everywhere. You can see it’s not overly developed by any stretch but there are some neighbors there, some people. You know so, you’re not completely remote but you’re also not by, you don’t have neighbors right next door. It’s definitely not overly, I’m gonna scroll down just a little bit.

Dave: and if you look on the left, go ahead and stop right there. That long strip is actually their little airport. So, if by some chance someone listening to this has a private plane, you can access the airport there and fly right into your property, which ironically, they have an airport yet there is, if you wanna disconnect, there’s no better place than this because there’s no cell phone coverage up here at all, which I think is something really interesting. So, if you’re really wanting to get away and disconnect, what a fantastic place to do that.

Kristie: it’s a perfect excuse to say no, I really cannot check my email.

Dave: right?

Kristie: so, I’ll get back with you on Monday.

Dave: people out there actually have satellite phones. So, if you live out there full time, you can still call people. You just have to have a satellite phone, rather than like a cell phone.

Kristie: cell phone. That’s interesting. I didn’t even know that, so, very cool, very cool.

Dave: so, you can see, you know, there’s not a whole lot of houses around, right? I mean –

Kristie: yeah there really aren’t –

Dave: there are some –

Kristie: the photographer that took those pictures did say on the way in they saw just a couple of cabins but that it was really quiet and of course, my computer’s doing something weird now. Yeah, just super quiet and peaceful. So you don’t have a bunch of people riding around or making noise or, you can really get away and unplug officially.

Dave: let’s keep scrolling out if you can, if your computer –

Kristie: yeah my computer is froze up for some reason, do you see that? I don’t know if you see the little wheels thing –

Dave: I don’t. Why don’t you go ahead and stop sharing it. Why don’t I share my screen instead?

Kristie: ok, I’ve stopped. Now, you can take over. Share away.

Dave: all right. I will share my screen everybody. Right, so here’s where Kristie was. Kristie, can you see my screen now?

Kristie: I can, yes.

Dave: ok. So, here’s the same thing. Here is that airport we were talking about. You can see there’s a post office locally here and let’s see. What do we have here, Christie? We got I think this is the Lincoln National Forest more over this area isn’t it

Kristie: yep.

Dave: yeah there’s Lincoln National Forest. You can see the mountains in the topography if you look over here to the west it starts to be deserty. So, here’s all that desert we were talking about. Yeah, there’s the Lincoln National Forest. So, Cloudcroft is the nearest kind of quote-unquote bigger city in the area that a lot of people might be familiar with. So, to get to Timberon you actually can go through the mountains this way, you usually go up here to Cloudcroft and go south and our plan is to try and buy more land throughout this whole area cause we just think it’s so nice and beautiful and people love it. But we do have more properties that will probably be coming I the future. Alamogordo is another kind of bigger city. You can see there’s the air force base. If you wanna see the White Sands, that’s a really cool area I went with to my folks. Have you ever been out there, Christie, before?

Kristie: I have not. No, I have not.

Dave: You better have some shades going out there cause it’s –

Kristie: White Sands, I can imagine –

Dave: it’s literally like huge dunes of white sand. It’s really, really cool.

Kristie: when you were there, I don’t know if you can scroll a bit north, there’s that Oliver Lee Memorial State Park too and that looks absolutely beautiful, that’s got some of the Sacramento Mountains. It’s just a little to the north.

Dave: a little further to the north still?

Kristie: maybe scroll back in a little. You might have actually, it’s not that big so you might have scrolled in too much.

Dave: I know Ruidoso is an area I hear about that’s really popular as well.

Kristie: I’ve heard of that one too.

Dave: well, so anyhow I think that that pretty well wraps it up for this property Christie. Is there anything else that you think people should know about it? I have the listing pulled up here myself.

Kristie: yeah. I just I think looking at the pictures says it all. You just get trees and awesome weather and you can build a small house, 900 square feet, so that’s something important to note. It doesn’t have to be by any stretch huge, it can definitely be a cabin. You can camp for up to 30 days without any water or sewer. And then if you want to live in an RV while you’re building you can do that for up to 180 days, as long as you get your water hooked up and your septic.

Dave: awesome.

Kristie: so that’s, I know lots of people love to do that, they wanna actually live there and watch the house being built or maybe even build I themselves. So, this would be a definite option to do that.

Dave: and one thing that I do wanna make folks aware of this is a half-acre property and there’s been, I know Christie you ran into this and I ran into this regarding septic, that some people seem to be under the impression that you have to have a one acre lot to have septic. And I know you called, I don’t know three or four people when we got our first property there a few months ago and confirmed that you don’t. Do you wanna talk about that a little bit, do you remember that?

Kristie: yeah I do remember. So, what it was, was it was a Facebook post and somebody asked me. They said they had heard that that was the case and I said well, I don’t know, I’ll definitely check. So, I checked and it’s not that you can’t have a septic, it’s just a different type of septic that they require for anything under an acre. There’s a different type of system that routed it differently is what they said. But you can definitely have a system because there obviously is no city sewage out there. It’s just not your typical septic.

But the lady at the county was very nice and very helpful and she said that everybody in that area knows exactly, like all the companies that do the septics, they know exactly what kind to put in, what you can do, they’re very up to date with it too. Cause I think there’s only three, if I’m not mistaken, companies that kind of work in that general area and she said all three cause I asked if she had a recommendation, is one better than the other? And she had said no, all three are really good. They all know the rules. They all are very highly regarded with the county so you can use any of them.

Dave: perfect –

Kristie: they’ll point you in the right direction.

Dave: and so folks, if you are interested in this property, you can see here we have a discount cash price of a little under 4000 bucks. So, you can buy the lot for about four grand or if you wanna finance it, have us finance it, the price is a little bit higher. So, we’re looking for a little under five grand and we’re looking for a 249 document fee. So, we’re not looking for any equity to go under the property. So, it doesn’t take much to get started, just 249 down. And then we’re looking for a minimum of 149 a month, which if you refer back to one of our last episodes, we talked a little about owner financing, so make sure to look up a week ago from episode number three where I talked about the owner financing and how that works. So, you can do more than this to pay it down quicker. You don’t have to put down 249 or 149, those are just the bare minimums that we are looking for. And Kristie if anyone is interested in this property what’s the best way for them to contact you?

Kristie: oh, lots of ways, call, email, text, whatever works. So, call it’’s 971-248-6715, call or text that number. Or you can email at sales@genfamproperties.com –

Dave: genfamland, genfamland.

Kristie: I always do that [inaudible: 0:18:46.2] genfamland.com and I’ll get right back with you.

Dave: and what’s that phone number one more time?

Kristie: 971-248-6715.

Dave: perfect. All right my friends, well, that wraps it up for the episode today. I want you to tune in every Monday 11:30am central or Tuesday at 4:30pm central. We just want to thank you so much for tuning into Land Stories with me Dave Denniston and Christie. Make sure to check out all of our properties at www.genfamproperties.com. That’s why Christie got a little messed up there. Her email address is a different ending but it all goes to the same place, genfamproperties.com –

Kristie: I email you so I get that on my brain.

Dave: that’s true, that’s true. And if you’re looking for land, I know Kristie would love to speak with you and if you’d love to speak with her directly

Dave: that number they can call you at one more time?

Kristie: 971-248-6715.

Dave: all right you guys. Well, have a good one. Please reach out anytime and we will talk to you later. Take care. Bye-bye.

Kristie: bye guys.

Dave [outro]: all right my friends. Well, that wraps up the episode for today. And just remember, it’s just for through the end of December. We would love to give you the opportunity to win 5 acres, 5 acres in Colorado, no strings attached. You can enter completely free as a gift from us to you. Make sure to text freeland, f-r-e-e-l-a-n-d to 44222. Again, text freeland, all one word, to 44222 and we will get y’all entered into the drawing to win 5 acres. All right my friends, we’ll talk to you later. Have a good one, bye-bye.