Ep. 2 More Than Just Desert Land – Talking Arizona Land in Navajo County With Kristy????!

In this episode of Land Stories…

Meet Kristy Limon ????! Generation Family Properties’ Ad Writer Extraordinaire joins Dave in episode 2 of Land Stories to talk LAND!

Listen to Kristy share why writing blogs for genfamproperties.com is making her search for her OWN land more difficult, and how a property in Navajo County showed her that Arizona is much more than just desert land ???? !

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Intro: welcome to the Land Stories podcast where our goal is to help everyday people like you own land and now your host who is an eagle scout that is horrible at tying knots, Dave Denniston.

all right well welcome back my friends to episode two of Land Stories live I am your host Dave Denniston of generation family properties and our goal is to help hundreds of people like you own land. We want to tell your land story well here with me today I’m excited to have our very first guest on the show she is someone who is an incredible member of the team she’s been with me for a few months she blogs on our website she does pretty much everything she helps to talk about properties on Facebook marketplace she bends over backwards to help me out I would love for you to help me welcome the one and only Christie Limon welcome to the show Christie

Kristy: hello, can you see me? I think we’re good

Dave: I think so, we can see ya

Kristy: ok, good

Dave: so Christie tell us a little bit about you, what’s your background where are you from? All those kind of good things

Kristy: ok I was born in Ohio but I moved to Texas when I was 3 so I’m basically Texan, through and through, rode horses all families in the oil business, drove a truck

Dave: you drove a truck

Kristy: yeah, yeah a big one too. So yeah I rode horses most of my life on the farm and now I work for you and I love it

Dave: so tell me about the farm. What was that like, living on a farm?

Kristy: I didn’t live on the farm actually I lived in just a normal neighbourhood house but we went to the farm every day I got to ride the horses I taught riding lessons and I competed all over the country so that was just my job actually I’m so lucky I got to ride horses and compete and train every single day for years it was amazing I loved it

Dave: and what are you doing now you’re still doing horse competitions right? And teaching people

Kristy: no I’m actually not I haven’t been riding for about a year and a half I just decided to take a bit of a break I still have all my horses they’re basically my children so they will be forever so they’re stuck with me but I don’t compete anymore I just kind of needed a break I did it from the time I was a kid so now it’s more just pleasure and just hanging out with the animals

Dave: I love it, awesome. And what are you doing for fun nowadays then is that pretty much what you do for fun, hanging out with the horses or what do you like to do?

Kristy: I like anything outside if it’s outside I’ll do it, hiking cause I live by the mountains and the beach so hiking, beach, taking the dogs out I just love being out in the sunshine and if there’s an adventure to be had I’m in

Dave: well I know you’ve written a lot of blog posts for us and so I would love for you to share if you don’t mind just for a few moments some of the blog posts, you told me before you’re gonna have to buy one of these pieces of land cause you’re falling in love with all these different areas as you’re writing the blog posts

Kristy: well I told you from the beginning I wanna buy a piece of land that’s part of the problem now I don’t know which one, where to go because every time I do a blog I see these pictures you know waterfalls and rafting and mountains and I’m like oh I wanna do that, I wanna do this, I wanna do that so I actually really don’t know whether I’m gonna buy a property or not it all sounds amazing but it’s been really cool to write the blogs cause I’ve gotten to know about counties and states that to be honest I don’t know I didn’t know anything about maybe wouldn’t have ever visited but definitely on my list of places to visit

Dave: awesome well do you have one you wanna share that yesterday I actually shared the Park County blog that you did because I was talking about one of the properties of Park County so if you wanna share your screen show people all this wonderful hard work you’re doing which as a matter of fact everybody, Christie actually has worked a year out so we have a whole years’ worth of blog posts

Kristy: so tell me what you can see on the screen

Dave: we can see the beautiful ocean

Kristy: ok now can you see cactus?

Dave: yes ma’am

Kristy: ok that’s the property I’m gonna scroll through these pictures as I talk about the property so you kind of get to see it and then I’ll also talk it, it’s 2,36 acres it’s in Snowflake which is in Navajo county Arizona I had never heard of Navajo County but I did a blog on it and it’s actually a very cool area I always thought of Arizona, I know everybody watching probably knows more about Arizona than me I truly thought of it as just all desert all hot, all cowboys which is, since I’m from Texas I should know better than that it’s not all cowboys, this beautiful property is in the ranch of the gold horse subdivision and it’s an awesome rectangular piece it’s got a nice shape, mountain views which I had no idea was a thing in Arizona, beautiful mountains so I’ll get to some those pictures too, you gotta see the hills there and trees actual trees in Arizona this property is right in the juniper grove it has some sage brush saw the cactus earlier so actually lots of greenery it’s not just a desert see there’s actually terrain and it’s not just tumbleweed which is really cool

Dave: absolutely

Kristy: when I did the blog on Navaho I also went out fishing there’s white water rafting and there’s hiking there’s museums, in snowflake there’s Blackhorse brewery snowflake has a golf course the national forests, lakes, parks, petrified national forest is nearby its awesome there’s so much to do

Dave: why don’t you pull up the Google map Christie and let’s look at where is this property at

Kristy: ok so I just did a quick one here at phoenix that’s you know quite far but let’s zoon in so here’s the property the little red tag is the property it’s at snowflake, snowflake’s a decent-sized town where as I already said you’ll find a golf course and you’ll find a brewery and restaurants and all kinds of things gas stations and then show low is actually quite a bit bigger so that’ll have really anything you need and that’s about 45 minutes away so you have about 20 minutes to snowflake and then about 45 minutes up to show low I’ll kind of zoom in here a little bit more

Dave: which I actually had someone Christie call me yesterday that bought a property and they were actually out in that area and they were surprised to find out that there was a Walmart in snowflake so there is a Walmart out there

Kristy: you can get anything you need there’s nothing you can’t get at Walmart right?

Dave: right, exactly

Kristy: it’s the perfect spot

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Kristy: and the other thing I did not know that maybe people watching won’t know I assumed Arizona was gonna be 125 degrees, horrible. Snowflake the average temperature in the summer is in the 80s

Dave: in the 80s that’s a lot better than a hundred degrees

Kristy: and low humidity so I again coming from Texas I’m used to high humidity which is horrible this low humidity super mild summers and then it rarely goes below freezing during the winter so it’s an awesome climate for people that wanna get away from the northern harsh climate or even somebody like me from Texas who would’ve never thought to buy property in Arizona to escape the heat this is actually a nice dry heat and its sunny 270 days out of the year in snowflake

Dave: oooh

Kristy: yeah, you can get a nice tan

Dave: those of us in Minnesota need to escape there over the [inaudible: 0:09:18.6] time I think

Kristy: there you go

Dave: why don’t we zoom in a little closer on where the property is at they’re actually a lot of vacant land doesn’t have an address but these particular properties actually do so in ranch of the golden horse witch Christie is zooming in right now you’ll see that there are roads that go through here and this property is assigned an address 3948 encanto road why don’t you tell us a little bit about what you see on the map here Christie it looks like there might be a neighbour or two but not a whole lot there in the immediate area

Kristy: yeah not a whole lot it looks like you’ve got a neighbour here so what is that pretty just over a hundred metres away and then another one a little bit closer maybe 50 metres away as you can see there’s really not much else all around except for, down here it looks like there’s a few too not a whole lot of neighbours you have a whole of room to do whatever you wanna do relax campfire you can ride 4-wheelers, camp

Dave: if I remember right these are actually it’s actually two different parcels that we have here

Kristy: yes it’s most of the parcels in this development are 1,18 acres these and its 2,18 acres put together so it makes a little bit wider most of the lots in this area are very thin, skinny and long so this one because it’s double it’s actually a really nice rectangle shape it’s not too awkward and its nice and flat and [inaudible: 0:10:47.1]

Dave: well what I was like when you have two parcels back to back you know some people wanna have like family near them so if you wanna share it with a family member you could actually build on both parcels so you could have two houses potentially which Navajo county I believe allows tiny homes right Christie?

Kristy: they do they allow tiny homes they allow mobile homes and then of course any kind of single family home with a foundation as well also and you can camp and bring an RV it’s a maximum 30 days a year so it’s not something you can obviously do permanently but it would be a great thing to do on the weekends or even for a couple of weeks in the summer if the kids have off on vacation and you wanna pop down and spend 3 weeks or a month hanging out in the area you can do that too

Dave: awesome well why don’t you share that website posting that you did on this property? Let’s look a little further what you got on there

Kristy: it’s just some pictures too so I’ll just scroll so it’s that’s a nice picture I like that view you can see here there’s some more of the stuff to do in snowflake there’s a video too on the website let’s get to the good stuff

Kristy: oh no, go ahead

Dave: I was gonna we have a Google map link to the property there everybody so you can go and map it out yourself and take a look at it

Kristy: mhm and the good stuff here only 20 bucks a year in Texas

Dave: 20 bucks a year, that’s crazy! 20 bucks a year

Christie: pretty good it is off grid so there aren’t power posts closeby

Dave: mhm let’s talk about the pricing so what’s the pricing on this property here?

Kristy: ok so if you wanna pay cash it’s $5600 it’s always a bit cheaper if you pay cash you get a little discount there but you also have financing and the financing is $7000 which has a 500 down payment which covers your document fee and loan set up fee and ten you have an automatic $251 in equity and then you can do as low as $85 a month in payments and then you can obviously structure that differently if you think you can pay more you can set it up that way if you wanna set it up at $85 a month and then you get a bonus once a year you can throw that on top there’s a no prepayment penalty it’s very flexible

Dave: absolutely so what we’re seeing these folks are just minimums so those are the minimums so if you wanna do a thousand dollars down and make it like 150 dollars a month you know that’ll get it paid off quicker I believe with that financing we’ve showed there it’s 7 to 8 years which includes property taxes and stuff like that, you wanna scroll down a little further Christie? Down at the bottom of our website we always have all of these details down at the very bottom so if you ever wanna see that you can check it out there and Christie if someone wants to move forward on this property you’re the point, person for this one what’s the best way that they can get a hold of you?

Kristy: so you can always give me a call 9712486715 or you can email at sales@genfamland.com

Dave: genfamland.com, right?

Kristy: genfamland.com, sorry yes, that’s important to get right you can text me call me email me any questions comments anything that I can get back with you anything we didn’t cover if you have a question I can find it out for you

Dave: awesome and then if anyone wants to just get some more information on this property outside of talking to Christie we’re happy to email you the website link and the google map link all you have to do is text in Navajo just like you have there on the county, n-a-v-a-j-o text Navajo to 44222 so again you can text Navajo to 44222 Christie any closing thoughts in this episode of Land Stories?

Kristy: everybody’s who’s at the property send me pictures of all the stuff you do in Navajo so I can jealous and wanna go

Dave: there you go everybody all right well I think that wraps it up for today any final thoughts Christie?

Kristy: nope

Dave: all right my friends well you can see Christie you can hear her talk about properties in Arizona and New Mexico we have some brand new properties coming really soon in Timberon in Otero County so tune in next Monday at 11:30 am central time Christie and I had some technical difficulties yesterday but normally we’re on Mondays at 11:30 am central and also Tuesdays at 4:00 pm central so we’ll be back on today with Mia as our guest and we thank you so much again for tuning into land stories with me your host Dave Denniston make sure to check out all of our properties at www.genfamproperties.com and if you’re looking for land and you wanna speak directly with Christie, Christie what is that phone number again?

Kristy: it’s 9712486715

Dave: all right well thank you folks have a good one and we’ll look forward to hearing you soon, take care, bye-bye

Kristy: bye

Dave [outro]: all right my friends well that wraps up the episode for today and just remember its just for through the end of December we would love to give you the opportunity to win 5 acres, 5 acres in Colorado no strings attached you can enter completely free as a gift from us to you make sure to text freeland, f-r-e-e-l-a-n-d to 44222 again text freeland all one word to 44222 and we will get y’all entered into the drawing to win 5 acres all right my friends we’ll talk to you later. Have a good one, bye-bye.