Ep. 10 How to Find GPS Coordinates for the Corners of Your Property

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If you’ve been listening to Land Stories, you know how Dave LOVES his dad jokes! He also loves educating others by sharing valuable information that he has learned with YOU! In episode 10 of Land Stories, Dave answers a highly anticipated question…”How to Find GPS Coordinates for the Corners of the Property”? Stay tuned to hear the answer!

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Intro: welcome to the Land Stories podcast where our goal is to help everyday people like you own land. And now your host, who is an eagle scout that is horrible at tying knots, Dave Denniston.

Dave: hello, my friends. Welcome back to another episode of Land Stories Live. I am your host, Dave Denniston, the partner here at Generation Family Properties where our goal is help hundreds of people like you own land. Most of all, we wanna be able to tell your land story as you buy land in the future. Well now, if you are watching this live, if you are listening to this on audio I’m sorry but this is for the live people right this second, I have in back of me, the featured property today. So, here is my question to you: where is this property? What state is it in? First question. Second question: what county is it in? Third question: what is the nearest city?

So, make a guess to all three of these questions and I want you to send me a private message through Messenger on our Generation Family Properties Facebook page and let me know. And so again, the property behind me right now, what state is it, what county is it and what is the nearest city? And I’ll give you a hint, if you stay tuned for about halfway through this, you will find out the answer. So, bear with me here and I do promise that I will send a $25 gift, 25 bucks to the first three people who message me with the correct answer to all three of those questions. Again, what state is the property in, what county and what is the nearest city?

Ok, so bad dad jokes. You know I love these you guys. So bad dad jokes. I got a two-fer for you again today.So, you are American when you go to the bathroom and you’re American when you come out. But do you know what you are while you’re in there? European! You’re European when you’re in the bathroom. Bad dad joke number two. Do you know the first French fries weren’t actually cooked in France? Where were they cooked? They were cooked in Greece! Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. All right, enough bad dad jokes. It’s time to talk about some land. Well, I am excited to share with you something that I certainly get quite a few questions about and the question is, how can I find the corners of my property?

So how do you find the GPS coordinates for the four corners of your property? So I’m gonna go ahead and share my screen here with you guys for those of you that are watching live. For those of you that are watching – are listening to this, I definitely suggest watching the video but I’m gonna pull out a few different counties cause I thought this might be helpful. So, first thing I’m gonna do is I am going to go to Costilla County as a example. And on Costilla County’s website, you’ll see it here, we’re gonna go to the assessor particular page and we’re gonna look for something called the GIS map. I can’t remember what the acronym stands for but you wanna look for something that says GIS mapping system.

And this is totally free, anyone can access this. There is no cost to doing this. And so here you can look at any and every property that might be in Costilla County. So let’s look up one of our properties. Here’s one right here. And you’re gonna wanna know the parcel number. So at the bottom of our listing, you will notice we have the parcel number. Sometimes it’s called the APN, the assessor’s parcel number. You’re gonna copy that, put it in your county GIS mapping system and go. So you notice here this is a good thing to double check and verify that someone owns a property if you use the mapping system. So you can certainly see that we own that one.

I will tell you it does take a few months, sometimes up to 6 months, even a year for them to update a GIS mapping system but you certainly can – that’s one way to verify ownership if someone’s owned it for a while. But if it’s under a year, there’s a good chance it may not be showing there. But obviously in this case we’ve owned it longer. So, what you’re gonna do, you can do this two different ways. Here on this GIS mapping system, down here in the lower left hand corner is a coordinate that says XY and if you open that up by clicking there, you’ll notice that on the bottom of my screen you start to see the GPS coordinates which that changes as you move around the map.

So here’s this parcel. You can see here’s a corner right here which if you look down towards the bottom, you’ll notice that it says latitude 37.4788 and longitude 105.157.02. So, if you right click you can also plot it. So plot a coordinate right there. I’m gonna plot the northeast corner now right there, plot the southeast corner of our property right there, plot the southwest corner of the property. Now, you’ll notice this is not some official survey but this is data coming right from the county so it should get you darn tootin’ close but I do suggest getting an official survey on a property if for sure you might want to mark your boundaries but this certainly is a great way to go.

So what you can do now that you have the GPS coordinates, is if you wanna get a Google Map link go to google.com/maps and then we’re gonna take the 37.4788, put a comma there and then put a negative sign in front of our next coordinate which is 105.57.02. Go ahead and click go and you’ll notice it gets us right there where the property is. So yeah, there’s that corner the northwest corner of the property and then if you wanted to send something to yourself, this is exactly the way we do it.

You can just copy the link and you got the Google Map link direction to get there. So, that’s how we find the GPS coordinates for Costilla County for example. Now, there are other counties where it can get a little harder. So let’s look at something like Klamath County. This is the GIS mapping system for Klamath County. So let’s see if we can find a property on our website that’s in Klamath, Oregon available. So on our website there’s a search bar where you can decide what property to take a look at. So I’ll pick on this one, beautiful property. And on this particular website, there is two different things you might see. This is the APN number. It starts with R but on their mapping system, you just have to grab that part or you can grab the whole map tax lot number, which is this other thing here.

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Dave: so we’re gonna do a search and find the property. And you can see again here we own the property and you’ll notice here that the problem with this GIS mapping system is it’s actually a little off and this is a problem in Klamath County in particular. Here’s the property that we were just talking about. The property lines are actually about starting here and so it’s a little off. And so in order to find the coordinates, the – if we look here on this particular cell, you can see here they give you on their system, a couple of GPS coordinates, which is for the center of the property, the approximate long and latitude so I’m gonna type those in here now.

And there’s other various software’s that are paid that you can get these coordinates but I’m just showing you guys the free way so that you know how to do this. You can see there’s a little reservoir next to this property and here’s the center of it, right. So the property starts off if we are to change it to the map feature you can see this actually looks about right as to where the lines are. So there’s Prairie Dog Drive here. On this version of it, it’s going over Prairie Dog Drive. So here you could get the same corners on Google Maps as well too if you can see the parcel outline. Some counties have this available, others don’t but this is a particularly good one.

So if I was to do the same thing, I could find a coordinate by doing it here on Google Maps, which I’ll be honest, I can’t remember right this moment how to do that. There’s some setting here on Google Maps that you could find the coordinates and forgive me that I can’t remember right this second what the – how to do that but there’s a way on Google Maps that you could also plot the four coordinates assuming everything looks right but again you have to be careful when you look at some of these maps cause some of these overlays doesn’t show the property correctly. So anyhow, that my friends is a bit about the property and how to find GPS coordinates.

And every county is different. If you have any questions, we certainly try and collect all of that data for our clients so we’re happy to get that to you and now we will go to our featured property of the week here in this particular episode. So if you look here on my screen, this my friends on Google Maps is our featured property. And so you can see here, that we were just looking at, there’s where the road’s supposed to be so once again in this case, Google Maps is off in terms of the overlay of the property but this is where our featured property is. Remember those three questions I had for you. Where is this? What state, what county? Let’s see if we can figure this out if we scroll out.

Look at this. It says Oregon shores, there’s a lake which is called Agency Lake a little bit out there. Let’s keep scrolling out, see if anyone ends up having a guess. Casino nearby, here’s our nearest town of Chiloquin to the property. What county is this? This Klamath County, Oregon. Klamath County is a beautiful place. It has Crater Lake as part of it, if you’re not familiar with Klamath County. There is obviously the big lake system as which this property is pretty darn close to the lake. So the answers are Oregon, Klamath County and Chiloquin. So, if you can’t get it from there, I can’t help you. That’s about all I got. This lot what is particularly great about it, obviously you’re close to the lake and you do have lake access.

There are trees on the property. You got some road here in front of you. There’s obviously some houses nearby and what I love about this property is not only the location but you notice there’s quite a few houses around here. This is what I would call an on grid property. We have plenty of properties on our website which are off grid, which don’t have utilities, you’re off to get solitude. Well, here if you wanna build a house, you got the water line that’s running right in front of this property. So it’s a fantastic location for if you’re wanting to build and have a house and those sorts of things. So you’ll notice here these are actually two different parcels. It’s a total of 0.8 acres, which I have bought and sold plenty of properties in this area.

You’ll notice here, it’s a dirt road, there’s the home. Look at some of these pictures here. There’s trees on the property, trees nearby, we have a video on our website. Again, more trees, lots of trees in the area. And you notice that we do say that there is power and water available. What I particularly like about this particular area, HOA’s aren’t for everyone and this one is a home owner association price but you get some benefits with it. So, if you wanna RV, you can’t camp on the site, you can’t RV on the site but they do have 17 sites for camping, for RVs that only cost $10 a night for owners and you certainly can stay longer than 2 weeks with board approval and so it’s a lot that it’s very unique.

And they have dumpsites there so if you aren’t building on the property yet, you can still come and hang out. We have all those different coordinates for the property. This is like I said an on grid property so property taxes are still extremely cheap, only $180 a year, talking about 15 bucks a month there. You are close to the lake and it’s just a wonderful, wonderful location, especially with the water line being available and having the possibility of getting water. So, if you wanna buy this lot, we have the discount cash price of about $12,000 or our owner financing price is $13,000, $12,999, with about $750 down and minimum monthly payments of around $249 but you can do more than this, as we’ve talked about in other shows.

And so that is our featured property. I’ll show you a couple more pictures. We don’t have all of the pictures on the website. Here are some pictures of this beautiful property. Some of those you’ve seen, you can see some of the power lines and nearby, see some of those neighbours and so you can see there’s not a ton of neighbours around you. You still have plenty of space and you have almost a whole acre available to you. So, lots and lots of space. It’s not a postage stamp lot. You have space on it with trees. All right my friends. Well, I will stop sharing my screen here and I would love to hear from you.

This is it for today. Tune in every Monday 11:30am central, Tuesday 4:30pm central. And if you have a question about land, please send it to me at contact@genfamproperties.com or of course submit them through Facebook. Thanks again so much for taking time to watch this. Make sure to tune into Land Stories again with me, Dave Denniston. Check out all of our properties at www.genfamproperties.com, that’s g-e-n-f-a-mproperties.com. And of course it would be my honour to speak with you about land if you have any direct questions, 775-234-2058 is the phone number. Again, 775-234-2058 is the phone number. Thank you so much my friends. We’ll talk to you soon. Bye-bye.

Dave [outro]: all right my friends. Well, that wraps up the episode for today. And just remember, it’s just for through the end of December. We would love to give you the opportunity to win 5 acres, 5 acres in Colorado, no strings attached. You can enter completely free as a gift from us to you. Make sure to text freeland, f-r-e-e-l-a-n-d to 44222. Again, text freeland, all one word, to 44222 and we will get y’all entered into the drawing to win 5 acres. All right my friends, we’ll talk to you later. Have a good one, bye-bye.