Ep. 15 Fires ????, Mountain Lions ????, & Mud…Oh My! Land Talk With Real Estate Photographer Dustin McKnight

In this episode of Land Stories…

Dave is joined by local land and real estate photographer Dustin Mcknight. Dustin shares his experience taking pictures of properties for Generation Family Properties thus far. From local wildfires and getting his truck stuck in the mud, to almost being at the mercy of a mountain lion, Dustin DEFINITELY has some stories to tell!

Dustin has taken photos of properties all over the U.S. and has gotten a chance to experience many varieties of land. He’s gotten to know many areas very well and has learned a lot himself just by being afforded the opportunity to take pictures there! Here in talk about what areas HE would invest in if we were buying and selling land as well as one of his FAVORITE areas!

If you would like to get in touch with Dustin for YOUR property photos, you can contact him here:

dustin.db.mcknight@gmail.com or 719-415-7007

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