Almost 5 Acres in Colorado Wilderness — with Majestic Mountain View?️ All Yours For $129/month!

Blanca, Costilla County, CO

Consider owning this 4.85-acre parcel as your basecamp for fun and adventure in Blanca, CO. When you own property in this beautiful area of the Colorado Mountains, you can be sure that your investment will pay off in more than just appreciation—you’ll have access to an area that’s known for its natural beauty and amazing outdoor activities. Not only will it be a great place to relax and unwind after a long day at work, but it will also offer opportunities for recreation and physical activity that many people don’t have access to in urban areas.

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When you need to stock up on essentials, Blanca is only a 21-minute commute. The rest of the time you can be alone off the grid with the wildlife, star-filled night sky, and panoramic views. Unwind from a busy work week in silence and pure relaxation.

Blanca, CO – 21 min (10.9 miles)

Pueblo, CO – 1 h 51 min (105 miles)

Canon City, CO – 2 h 33 min (145 miles)

Colorado Springs, CO – 2 h 34 min (1449 miles)


Discount Cash Price: $3,899.00 or alternatively…

Owner Financing Price: $4,899, Only a $500 down payment required!! $151 in equity and $349 non-refundable document fee. Payment as low as $129 per month.

  • We are a small family business. Because our owner, Dave Denniston, enjoys making land ownership available to families like yours who want to create memories for years to come we are flexible and can make this property fit any budget. We offer owner financing with a land contract. We will transfer with a warranty deed and always guarantee a clean title.


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Property Details

Street Address: 15th St
City: Blanca
State: CO
County: Costilla
Zip Code: 81123
Size: 4.97
APN: 70321300
Legal Description: S.L.V.R. UNIT M BLK 11 LOT 3. (213-23)
Google Maps: Click Here!
coordinates: NW corner: 37.3374, -105.4923 (Road) NE corner: 37.3374, -105.4911 (Road) SW corner: 37.3356, -105.4923 SE corner: 37.3356, -105.4911
Annual Taxes: taxes are $88 per year or $8 per month


Rural Residential. Minimum 600 sq ft. Mobile homes, Camping, and RV’s are permitted but there are some restrictions. Long-Term camping SHALL NOT EXCEED 180 DAYS per RV, Person, or Parcel in any 12 month period and Long-Term R.V. Camping Permit may be obtained if all of the following conditions are met. • The RV will be hooked to an approved On-Site Wastewater Treatment System. • A well has been permitted or cistern installed. • There are no violations on the property of any County Code or State Statute or Regulation. • The placement of the RV conforms to any covenants of the property. It is the applicant’s responsibility to research subdivision covenants. The Costilla County Planning and Zoning Department will not be held responsible for any permits issued which may violate HOA or LOA rules. • The applicant has proven ownership of the property. Manufactured Homes must be 1976 or newer to be allowed in Costilla County.
Access: Dirt Road
Sewer: Septic can be installed
Water: Would be well
Utilities: Solar, wind, or generator

Property Images

Payment Options

Need this property?

The initial investment is only $550

$151 down + $399 document fee

We are a small family business and can be flexible and can make this fit any budget that can meet our minimums. Our owner Dave Denniston enjoys making land ownership available to families like ours who want to make memories for years to come. We can owner finance with a land contract. We can transfer with a warranty deed and guarantee a clean title.

Contact Kristy Limon today!
Phone/Text: (971) 248-6715

$4,899 (plus interest & $399 document fee) NO QUALIFYING | NO PREPAYMENT PENALTIES
$3,899 Plus $399 document fee
$129/month INCLUDES prorated property taxes and note servicing fee.