What Kyle Said

One of the biggest joys I receive in this business is hearing back from my clients.

Kyle bought land from me in Klamath County, Oregon. He’s a hard working business owner who saw the opportunity in purchasing land so that he could take his clients back out to nature and take a breather.

Discover what Kyle said. A transcription is right below the video.

This is a video testimonial for David Denniston. We recently purchase 4.42 Acres in Klamath County, Oregon from him. The property was exactly as advertised. David was professional, prompt, very honest, easily get a hold of, a true man of his word.

When he said he will get back to me in an hour…. 60 mins on the dot, I was receiving a phone call.

I would highly recommend David and his company to anybody working to buy piece of property in Costilla County and Klamath County area and really anywhere he is advertising lands for that matter. That’s all I got for everybody today.

Definitely checkout David Denniston and get your little piece of heaven like we did.


Big thank you to Kyle for his kind words!!

If you are looking for your piece of heaven like Kyle, feel free to give me a ring at 775-234-2058